Cyrodiil Island

Adv. 2 The Lich's Apprentice

While in the town of Chorrol and after turning in the quest of killing the goblins the characters are confronted with an elderly farmer who asks the PCs for help protecting his farm from goblins and orcs. Telling them that his two sons left to try and take it back themselves and to not let them die. After hearing this they quickly agreed to help and left to go to the farm where they killed numerous goblins and orcs, a couple bugbears/hobgoblins as well, and saved the two sons. When they went back to Chorrol they refused the payment that the old man offered and then headed to Shallon’s druidic initiation into the circle of the moon where people drank, she passed initiation, and Merinder got into a drinking contest with Harben, and lost. Afterwards they heard about Alyeid ruins and that the Lich’s apprentice may be within it.

They quickly cleared the traps within the ruins of Elenglynn and killed all the undead monsters and the apprentice himself and found an encrypted map. They then headed back to Chorroll, ready to be rid of the town as the occupants don’t see their worth as halfling warriors.

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Adv. 1 The Killing of Goblins

We are using the calendar from the D&D Faerun setting and the day these adventurers start on is day 3 of Tarsakh, year 1493.

Rej, the halfling is in the Chorroll fighter guild hall and accepts a mission from the head of the Chorrol fighters guild branch, a dragon-born named Jandar. The mission was to take out a group of goblin bandits that were harassing traders and travelers between Chorroll and Bruma, he was to take along a cleric from the cathedral and a druid sent in from the outlying forest. This is when he meets up with Shallon, and Harben. After getting a pack mule they left the town and headed in the general direction of the disturbances, that night in the forest while the others were sleeping Rej spotted two goblin scouts. Waking the party they made short work of these goblins, and kept one alive to question and bring with them. Using that goblin the next day they were able to find the cave with little trouble.

They cleared the cave, Rej going unconcious multiple times, killing a total of 14 goblins and a hobgoblin, not all at once of course. Within the cave they found a secret door which led to a hallway and a door. Beyond this door was a Lich’s hideout, though the adventurers thought them just a wizard’s place. They took the books and loot from there and even found Merinder, who was in a cage. After saving Merinder and filling the pack mule with the raided gear the party headed back to Chorrol and got there with no trouble. They turned in the quest, healed Merinder (who told them the truth about the Lich’s hideout) and sold what they were allowed from looting the goblins and the hideout.

It ended there on day 7 of Tarsakh.


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