Halfling Rogue


Lightfoot Halfling Rogue


Merinder was raised in the Imperial city and was always up to mischief, after reaching adulthood the only thing that changed was that he does it professionally. He quickly gained contacts in the underworld and the thieve’s guild, but also some enemies. He had taken up a job to steal from a wizard who was traveling along one of the trade roads, to his dismay this man was a lich traveling to and from safehouses. The lich caught him and used the Halfling for spell experimentation and torture for amusement. This lasted for about a month until he was saved by Rej and Shallon who took him to the city of Chorrol, where he was able to get most of his stuff back from his criminal contacts and stores. He is getting to be fond of Harben and is starting to bond with him more.


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